Richard Oren

 Valorism Institute President and Founder 






Establishing Valorist theory on scientific grounds through docotral research at the Sorbonne, Richard Oren tested his theories in multinational firms by reengineering business logics, designing group and executive information systems and developing management consulting operations. He has also created and taught many courses at the University of Paris Dauphine with new approaches to International Business Ethics and Company Culture along Valorist perspectives with value impact analysis.






Joy Greenberg

 Director of International Development 





With a background in management and finance as well as studies in literature and civilization, she will be actively developing the activities of the Valorism Institute and the international outreach of Valorist projects and missions. These contributions are vital to the advancement of the Institute's objectives and their extension beyond corporpate boardrooms to broader society. Among her prerogatives are the training and supervision of staff, coordinating partnerships, and piloting key programs.






The Valorism Institute

in Paris, France








Created in Paris, France by Richard Oren in 2011, the Valorism Institute presented

on a global scale the ideas and approaches of Valorism and also launched practical applications for businesses. The Institute is currently remodelling its new offices in the Batignolles-Montmartre district of Paris where collaborators and clients can more easily access our facilities thanks to street frontage offices near several metro lines. 




The Valorism Institute Team

Across the World








 Our team is primarily constituted by volunteers from many nations, dedicated to advancing Valorist ideas and to reforming economic practices in high value-added constructive ways. Manyparticiapants are business management students or corporate professionals seeking to bring a higher economic logic to business undertakings. They contribure to projects and take initiatives to bring advances

to current managerial practices and the economic orientations of companies.




Valorist Consulting

Distributed Consultancy Services






With competency partnerships and remotely led missions our Valorist Consulting Services outline pathways for firms and corporations to redesign their business process and organizational orientations. Undertaking missions in both private and public organizations, no problem is too extensive and no situation too complex for probable success using the value-based levering of Valorist management initiatives.