Building a Civilization of Wealth







Valorism is about Value and Value is the source of all Wealth. A Valorist Civilization must therefore be one of Wealth, but not merely the poorest manifestation of wealth which is Material Wealth but also the higher expressions such as Spiritual, Cultural, Artistic and Social forms of Wealth. A Valorist Civilization is likely to emerge on its own one day, even without the impetus of Valorism and the Valorist Institute's presentations of the Valorist paradigm.




Because Valorism in rooted in Human Nature and the spontaneous aspirations for what matters versus what isn't valid and pollutes our experience of the world. Life is more rewarding when one finds reward in what one lives. This reward comes from valuing things, and this means that, what we value is what makes our world worthwhile. A wealthy world is one which is filled with worthwhile experiences.




A Valorist World is one which places worthwhile pursuits above worthless ones, from our freedom of perspective and choice of what makes things seem worthwhile versus worthless. What we value is what really matters.

Civilization by Value Transmission









Values can build a civilization but their weakening can bring it tumbling down. Values can however prevail if they are successfully transmitted. This is what makes a civilization last rather than decline. Values are the essence of a civilization and when people turn away from them they vanish from our world. It is essential that civilizing values remain validated by free choice due to their virtues and desirability. If so then a civilization can outlast passing dynasties and many generations of change.


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Values can outlive Time

When we think of the future it is often an  abstract idea, with more unknowns than aspects we can master or even understand.


However, what will make up our future is principally what we bring forth into our present. Our future is being cultivated today in our current culture and the seeds of civilization can be sown and grow without delay. The future is within reach. It is in fact actually in our control if we wish it to manifest in ways we find useful or important. Too much emphasis is placed on managing our present and too little on builidng our future. It is our task to make our world one we wish our children to know.

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