Economic Value comes from Values




We will only work for what we think has value. Few will work for a pebble but many will work for something wanted such as a precious object or a useful resource. We work accomplishing an economic act to receive an economic utility, something we value. Our work will also be applied in order to make whatever we work on have more value because we prize it more in its second state versus its original one before its economic transformation.




Value Is The Key to Wealth



There are forms of material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wealth which all depend on values. These values are today what has become the business of companies, which need to focus around them and move people and markets towards understanding what wealth they create to establish a new economy. These values are increasingly immaterial and virtual, but nonetheless very real motors of economic orientation and development. Valorism is attached to harnessing the Value that can create wealth in all its forms, including the most often cited which is economic value.


Values Create Wealth










Values as they are perceived and as they are applied to make things what they are bring us good things and better things which are customarily referred to as Wealth.

What we value, why we value it and how we value it all contribute to what we see and what we do. These values motivate us to change things in order to make them more valuable as they are more valued as forms of economic wealth, for which we are ready and willing to expend effort and monies.


Value is wealth, and wealth is worthy to be created.

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Business Is About Value










Business process is that of opting for value choices and making multiple values work in convergence. To do so they coordinate many microeconomic transactions among various actors and participants. Business is also about value creation, which is what brings companies survival and economic success.


Value is best integrated upstream within companies, at the precepts prior to conception, structuring, strategizing and implementing organizational design. Value can nonetheless be brought to an existing company though Valorist Consulting.

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