A Philosophy Based on Values






As its name evokes, Valorism is a philosophy concerned with values. Not initially focused on which values these are, Valorism highlights how values are key to who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. Values are transformative and they make up the world we live in.



Values Create Value 



 and Valorism is attached to revealing how values can create many other forms of worth in our minds, hearts, souls as well as values we share and wealth for society at large. Valorism takes philosophy out of the ghetto of theoretical dialectics and into the hardball world of economics and societal construction. For this reason the Valorism Institute created Valorist Consulting, to bring philosophical reform to sociocultural reality structuring.


Valorist Philosophy

While Valorism is attached to bringing forth the possibility of increasing the value we lend worthy objects and causes, it is not an imposed philosophy.

Valorism is the basis upon which a diversity of philosophies can be constructed each founded upon the mandates and logical coherence of whatever values may be retained. Valorist Philosopy is that of adopting Values and using them in philosophical observation and the reorganisation of thought.

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Values as Wealth

Values are what we value. By granting value to things we let them matter and invent a form of wealth in their presence. A world filled with what we value is indeed a very wealthy world.


We must therefore give more attention to what we value and why, and endeavor to advance these values in order to create a better, wealthier world. This is how we can bring wealth into existence and make our environment and society a happier place.


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