Valuing the Society we live in







Legitimacy of Society's Values


Society has embodied thorughout history many things which we value or are taught we ought to value. The highest value is often considered above humanity, of a divine nature, the organizing presence of the Creator God. Spiritual Value has been often secured as the governing logic for society's government, with Emperors and Kings ruling by Divine Right to manifest God's rule on secular Earth. In contrast other societies have formed around a diversity of values, some democratic, as in Republics and others organized around effective power, as in Dictatorships.



Coherence of Society's Values


As with Economic value or any other type of value, what is often at issue is either the identity of the values retained and the question of what we actually do value, the adherence to said values insofar as we really do value them, and their combined coherence so that they make sense together as a logical whole called US.  Which values matter will identify what sort of society it is and what sort of people compose it. The political class governing society needs to adhere to these values if a society is to  function adequately. The coherence of a society's values lend it logical plausibility in a population's mind granting it staying power. How long a society lasts depends on whether its key values remain coherent with one another over time.


Values of Society









For a society to be considered Valorist it must necessarily be a humanist society, made for people, not animals or machines. And this for a very simple logical reason. Society is made up by humans, it is run by humans, and it binds humans together. Therefore, a society must address basic human needs and aspirations or it is destined to fail and be replaced. Which values society adopts and how these values should be extended and advanced is another matter. That depends on what the values are of society's members and the individual and collective strivings that construct their world.

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Valorist Society









A society can be Valorist regardless of its ruling order or system, unless it is ruled in contradiction with its own values. We can consider a people to be Valorist whatever political system they live in. It can be a Monarchy or a Democracy, under Dictatorship or in Anarchy. The prevailing ruling power in any society is that of values espoused and promoted, rather than that of the authorities who regulate and control. A much higher degree of power stems from a society's values, rather than its politicians. So what really matters is that people living in society freely believe in its values and find them fulfilling.


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