Promoting a Science of Values







Valorism is the first philosophy to encompass social and psychological organization of value systems in an organized methodical construct. The first three dimensional modelization of psychosocial orientations was originally established by the founder's father, Paul Oren Jr., the first holder of a Sociiology Doctorate from Yale University who went on to be Fullbright Professor overseas and then Sociology Professor at the University of Paris. His research focused on social and psychological posturing with a modelization of individuals and groups. While a student at the Sorbonne Richard Oren assisted him at ensuring the logical coherence and validation of his models.




Ensued his own research as a graduate student at Paris I Univerisity, retaining the conceptual axes of his father's models but setting aside the static approach of postures to study the dynamic forces of value creation within individuals and society.




This was then used to analyse value creation in economic process, values in cultural development, and values in strategic orientations and expressions of political force.



Valorist Epistemology




is grounded in human science, along well-established observations made by social scientists and psychologists for more than a century. The premises specific to Valorism are that Values in themselves are motors of human thought and action and therefore they are key to both understanding and furthering human endeavors and are the logical building blocks of intelligence.


An example of the complexities of value construction and interaction and their relation to ecomomic activities can be illustrated by a mapping from Richard Oren's Sorbonne research, here on the topic of Reasoning Modes and Value Organization:






Similiarities between human nature and the natural environment in which they live is found by isomorphism.

What is specific to humans is the ability to holographically project and modify what constitutes the key aspects of this nature and environment to forge a new individual and morph a new society. This is called hologrammorphism by which we represent in our mind a model of what we believe to be real, and we turn this our shared social reality.


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Value Creation

Values do not just appear. Some are imposed by our biological nature and stem from survival. Others are more freely chosen and developped.

Values become part of ourselves and of our world. Valorism organizes these values, how they emerge, what they really mean and why we can embrace them to create a higher strivings and a more flourishing civilization. Because values are the original source of all wealth and happiness, they are vital to ensure the fulfillment of humanity.

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